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Title of Book : Exploring Sri Lankan Muslims Selected Writings of M.M.M. Mahroof

Edited by : M.L.A. Cader
Published by : South Eastern University of Sri Lanka
Language : English
Pages : 889
Price : SLR 4,000.00

‘Exploring Sri Lankan Muslims’ is a collection of selected articles authored by Marhoom Mr. M.M.M. Mahroof, a great scholar, a sharp thinker, a voracious reader, a serious researcher, a veteran writer and an able teacher.

This noble work of collecting and collating the research articles written by the late Mr. M.M.M. Mahroof on enormous themes in various journals of international fame is by none other than Prof. M.L.A. Cader, Founder Vice-Chancellor of South Eastern University of Sri Lanka.

Mr. M.M.M. Mahroof, an extraordinarily talented person and a walking encyclopedia as he used to be referred to by his teachers, students, friends and colleagues, has contributed a lot through his in-depth research and brilliant writing to Sri Lanka in general and the Muslims in particular. He penned about the history of Muslims in Sri Lanka, and their education and languages, Islamic Law in Sri Lanka, medical practices in Sri Lanka and gems in Sri Lanka. All his writings are based on his profound study and findings and supported with references quoting chapter and verse.

It was Mr. Mahroof who took a serious interest and made tireless efforts to find the root of the Muslims in Sri Lanka. Now those who engage themselves in the historiography of the Sri Lankan Muslims cannot complete the subject without reference to the writing of Marhoom Mr. Mahroof.

Mr. Mahroof’s articles were mostly published in overseas magazines. Such scattered articles were, are and will, indeed, be a treasure and they needed to be gathered, preserved in its pristine essence and passed on to our offspring. There was a question among the scholars who know the avid writer Mr. Mahroof well – Who will bell the cat?’

At this time of dire need, Prof. M.L.A. Cader boldly came forward and carried out the tedious and time-consuming task of gathering the wonderful, most wanted and much anticipated writings of the late Mr. Mahroof. Prof. Cader has certainly done a marvelous job that would be valued highly now and later by generations to come. I salute Prof. Cader for his timely work which was a Fardh kifaayah. He shouldered it ably and eased the burden that had lain on the shoulders of many of his contemporary scholars of his calibre.

The South Eastern University deserves the due appreciation and profuse thanks for having undertaken the onus of publishing such a big work and released it to mark its twentieth anniversary.

The book is really well worth reading. Those who are keen in history and research will, undoubtedly, be pleased to have a copy of this significant book in their possession. The libraries must dutifully purchase a copy of it for their readership. The book is available for sale at the main library of the South Eastern University.

The sum of Rs. 4,000.00 is worth the book many times. On the one hand, the contents of 53 research articles cannot be measured by money at all. Reading one article of Mr. Mahroof is in fact equivalent to browsing through many books. On the other, the quality of the book in terms of paper, layout, printing, cover, binding, etc. warrants the price.

I, as an ardent reader of Mr. Mahroof’s writings and a student earnestly involved in reading, researching, writing and lecturing, would like to call upon individuals and institutions to purchase this book, an invaluable source of information and an immeasurable source of inspiration. It is my conclusion that this excellent effort will remain a reference book in sha Allah.

May Allah Ta’ala be pleased with Marhoom Mr. Mahroof! May He accept his good deeds and writings and reward them in full! May Allah Most High bless Prof. Cader with eternal bliss! May the Almighty shower His blessing on the South Eastern University and the ones who supported this good work!

H. Abdul Nazar
Director, Centre for Spiritual Solidarity
Director, Abdul Majeed Academy



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